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Prison Break FanGirl

7 March 1989
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300, across the universe, al pacino, alicia silverstone, amanda bynes, amy winehouse, angelina jolie, antm, arrested development, audrey hepburn, bam margera, batman, batman begins, ben stiller, bette davis, betty boop, blades of glory, blondie, bram stoker's dracula, brandon dicamillo, brandon novak, breakfast at tiffany's, breaking dawn, buddy holly, charles manson, cher, chris pontius, christian bale, christian slater, christina ricci, chuck berry, cky, claire danes, clothes, cntm, cold case, colorbars, con air, crossing jordan, dear frankie, debi mazar, degrassi, degrassi: the next generation, dexter, dracula 2000, dvds, eclipse, elvis presley, empire records, entourage, equilibrium, explorers, fernando sucre, finland, finnish, fred astaire, godfather, haggard: the movie, hair, harry potter, heartagram, heartagrams, heathers, hermanni, heroes, him, house, house of 1000 corpses, icon making, jackass, javier bardem, johnny depp, jon heder, kiss, lauri ylonen, law & order, law and order, law and order: svu, little richard, livejournal, lj, lost, love metal, lynyrd skynyrd, making icons, making pixel art, mary reilly, metal, michael scofield, my own private idaho, napoleon dynamite, new moon, nine inch nails, paramore, peter stormare, phantom of the opera, pretty in pink, prison break, pulp fiction, queen, quentin tarantino, red hair, rent, reservoir dogs, robert knepper, romeo + juliet, ryan dunn, sixteen candles, skid row, sloan, stand by me, steve-o, supernatural, swing kids, the beatles, the big bang theory, the breakfast club, the coen brothers, the devil's rejects, the everly brothers, the goonies, the green mile, the machinist, the professional, the rasmus, the ringer, the supremes, the war at home, the x-files, theodore bagwell, timeline, twiggy, twilight, underworld, valo, vam, vampires, ville, ville hermanni valo, ville valo, viva la bam, wentworth miller, will arnett, will ferrell, william fichtner